DIY Christmas 2 – Tree Decorations

IMG_3158fpSo, in keeping with yesterday’s post, here is how I decorated my tree this year. Most of my purchased ornaments were given away in the move, as I could not chalk them up to being “essentials”. I did, however, bring a few ones that meant something to me, like the little deer my mother gave me, or the woodcut ornament hubs and I bought in Innsbruck a few years back, and the little birds direct from the 70s that my aunt gave me, which I confess I did a little work to as they were all on a string to be hung from the ceiling and I cut them up and turned them into individual ornaments. And that is pretty much it. Except for a few other household decorations, everything had to be made from scratch. So here is what I did:

Toilet Paper Stars

What you need:

Toilet paper rolls


Glitter paint


Needle and thread

How to make it:

Well, the first thing you have to do is gather up your paper rolls. Once you have them, you squish the rolls in half. Each roll will make two ornaments so, cut the roll in half then cut each half into five vertical strips (you want little diamond shapes). Then paint the pieces with the glitter paint of your choice (I used white and red). When the pieces are dry, arrange them in a flower shape and glue the parts that are touching together. When the glue is dry, take a piece of thread on a needle and poke it through the top part of the flower. Tie up the ends and hang your ornament!


Paper Snowflakes

What you need:

Card stock

Glitter paint

Snowflake templates


Needle and thread

How to make them:

Print out your templates onto some card stock then cut it out. If you want to make many snowflakes you can then trace the templates onto other pieces of scrap card stock and cut them out. Paint the snowflakes on both sides and wait for them to dry. Once they are dry thread the needle and poke it through the top. Tie up the ends and hang them on the tree (or anywhere else for that matter)


Victorian Orange Slices

What you need:

Two (or more) oranges (one orange will make about 5 ornaments)

Hot glue gun


An oven


How to make them:

These must be my favourites of all because they smell so nice when you make them, and continue smelling nice throughout the whole season. Just remember though that when you take down the tree you have to throw them away. The first time I tried to save them to the next year and they went all moldy. It was a disaster I tell you.

Anyway, thinly slice the oranges horizontally and discard the two end pieces. Preheat your oven to 120C and take out the oven racks. Now this is the trick: put the slices directly on the rack, do not use a cookie sheet. By placing them on the rack they dry out rather than bake because the air circulates on both sides, and this is what you want. Let dry in the oven for 2-3 hours turning every half an hour.

Pull them out and let cool completely. They may still be a little juicy, but don’t worry, they finish drying out on the tree.

While the oranges are drying make little bows out of the ribbon, or other decorations that you like. When the oranges are cool, pierce them between the rind and the flesh and pass through a string or ribbon to tie them onto the tree. Then with your hot glue gun, glue the bows onto the oranges. when they are ready hang them on the tree and breathe in deeply – they smell so good!



And voila! Homemade decorations for a rocking tree :)


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